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Meet Timothy J

How C.O.A.R. Began

In 2009, Timothy saw something was going very wrong in the live music community --- preferential treatment being given to 'tribute bands' and 'cover bands' over the original music artists throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Timothy thought this was inexcusable, so an online blog was born. Those first blogs eventually led to the Facebook page, ‘Creative Original Artists Rock’ aka C.O.A.R. That Facebook page was dedicated to questioning the tribute/cover band ‘music culture’, and more importantly, giving passionate support and visibility to the music artists who are creating original music.

At the same time, Timothy was doing radio interviews supporting an album that he was a part of as a singer/co-writer.  He was repeatedly asked by the radio hosts interviewing him if he’d ever broadcasted on internet radio. Many suggested that if he wasn’t already, he should be ... and with that, the C.O.A.R. Radio Show was born!

Born in Minnesota

Timothy has spent almost 30 years in the music and radio world. His career as a performing Rock singer started in his birth state of Minnesota.  Timothy has always had a very strong love affair with music and with radio. He always wanted to be involved with both. His focus towards that intensified even more during high school, as his other dream of becoming a pro-athlete faded away.

Moving to CA to Be a Singer in a Rock Band

After high school, Timothy moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in California to pursue his passion as a performing Rock singer in an original band.  While Timothy found local success with a few bands, he 'retired' in 1995. 

Professional Radio Career

From 1996-2010, he pursued a career in radio starting at the world famous KFJC 89.7 FM at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. 

​For the next 10 years, Timothy worked in professional radio at a few San Jose based commercial radio stations where he would become a weekend DJ, Morning Show Producer / Air Personality for two different morning shows as well as voicing and producing commercials.


Marriage and a New Focus

When that all came to an end, Timothy then pursued a career as a full-time mobile DJ, and at the urging of his new wife April, he returned to performing as a Rock singer with a couple of local S.F. Bay Area Rock bands. This helped drive the passion and desire to promote, support, and share the talents of all Creative Original Artists of Rock music!

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